Kerryn Sedgman

Kerryn Sedgman is an international kinesiology trainer, public speaker, writer, and creator of professional and personal transformation programmes.

As a Natural Lifestyle Coach, Kerryn is passionate about the conservation and protection of the environment by teaching and practising Eco-Spiritual Environmentalism.

As an Australian Kinesiology pioneer since 1981, she has had  leading roles on the national board of the Australian Kinesiology Association, has been Australian Faculty for the International Kinesiology College and Australian Transformational Kinesiology trainer. Kerryn studied and graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine and Applied Sciences from 1985-1987 at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. (RMIT)

Kerryn founded the first government accredited Kinesiology College for Energetic Sciences in 1994 and in 1996 the College was offering a Diploma and Advanced Diplomas in Holistic Kinesiology.

Both an academic and esoteric researcher of the traditional and new sciences, Kerryn’s in depth studies and application of the Western Mystery philosophies and ageless wisdoms spans decades. She bridges the current new physics and sacred traditions in her teaching and healing work. Eco - Spirituality is understood when the gateways of our senses are re-opened, so we can once again, fully experience our relationship to nature. 

Kerryn Sedgman is a well known voice internationally, on the subject of Eco Spirituality, the Divine Feminine and the Tree of Life. She combines a scholarly knowledge with penetrating intuitive wisdom that opens the teachings to pour through in a practical and magical way.

Relocating the Sacred Sciences College (est 2001 ) to Karralla, her residence and retreat, set on five magical acres in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. Kerryn offers choices of personal healing, meditation and transformation courses, in residential, weekend & day workshop formats. 

Kerryn has an exuberant and humorous nature which gives her a dynamic and passionate disposition.


A picture near the labyrinth at Karralla on a beautiful frosty morning.

Become a planetary preserver by learning the art of sacred living.

I teach Elementary Community Kinesiology, Eco-spiritual Meditation, Resonance Kinesiology, Sacred Sciences Healing, and Tree of Life Astrology for the Soul. The clinic and school are in our beautiful home. The property has a billabong, a labyrinth and sacred forests and sites.

My courses attract independent freelance seekers who want to challenge the current status quo and deepen their connections to a sacred life.

"express your Uniqueness."

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The website journey surrounds you with photographs of the beauty we found in our property Karralla.  

My work is designed to manifest your unique health, personal and spiritual goals whilst also offering opportunities to meet like minded and spirited people. 


My first qualification in Kinesiology was achieved in 1981 when I became one of Australia's first Touch For Health Kinesiology Instructors. 

I was a trainer for many types of kinesiology and worked in various clinics and training organisations, until I saw the need for a cohesive training model for integrating kinesiology programmes, so in Melbourne, Australia in 1994, I founded and pioneered the first Australian government recognised Kinesiology College, called The Kinesiology College for Energetic Sciences, which was also a world first. My fellow principals were Christopher Rowe, and later Dr. Charles Krebs joined our faculty as a fellow visionary.

We created a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Health Sciences in Kinesiology. Kinesiology colleges continue to evolve as a legacy.

I had a two year tenure as Principal of the International Kinesiology Professional School based in Switzerland, and was the Australian International Kinesiology Faculty for ten years from 1991, Australia’s first Transformational Kinesiology Trainer from 1997 - 2008 and Touch for Health Instructor from 1981 - 2005. I have been on the public speaking circuit since 1991 and cover topics on Kinesiology, Health, Philosophy and Spirituality both nationally and internationally.

From 2000 I developed my own kinesiology program and opened the Sacred Sciences College and the Sacred Kinesiology training was accredited by the Australian government as an advanced diploma course. 2000 - 2005.

In 2002 I discovered botanical perfumes and still create bespoke fragrances from natural oils, concretes and enfleurages. I was a member of the International Botanical Perfume Guild, founded by Mandy Aftel.


I have travelled the world extensively for pleasure, adventure and business. I have lived on the land and experienced sustainable living. Being inspired by nature and its challenges I became a natural therapist to educate people about the power of natural healing. I come from a thespian family and enjoy performance through my teaching and working with groups. I have studied acting at the Victorian College of the Arts, completed a radio announcers course and love to sing. I am a writer and have many projects on the go. I am married to Derek Sedgman and share my life with two amazing stepchildren and their partners and children.

Since July 2015 we moved to a forest community and live in a beautiful mud brick and stone home on five acres, which is called Karralla, an aboriginal name for yellow, for in the spring we are ablaze with golden wattles of many kinds.

Derek and I practice our Permaculture skills and grow what food we can, run a few chickens and we live with our glorious Maremma dog, Cozmo. 

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