Tree of Love Priestess Training

"What you seek is seeking you.." Rumi

2019 /20 TREE OF LOVE:


Honour and express these four key powerful gifts of Womanhood.

The Queen, Witch, Goddess and the Priestess who unites them all.

Training is over four weekends. Residential and Non Residential prices.

Queen     Weekend Winter Solstice June 22 & 23 

Witch       Weekend Spring Equinox; September 21 & 22

Goddess Weekend Summer Solstice December 21 & 22,

Priestess Weekend March 21 & 22 in 2020.

Arrive Friday evening 6pm. Leave Sunday at 3pm.

Two nights $350 Residential and $295 non-residential.

Everyone bring food to share for 2 lunches and 2 dinners.              Breakfast and refreshments provided.

At Karralla Retreat Wheatsheaf Daylesford.

 THE TEMPLE TRAINING INITIATIONS:  Move deeper into your womanhood and focus the four key aspects of your power in all areas of life. These weekends will regenerate confidence, heal the wounds, activate passion, and release true spiritual feminine power.

Tree of Love : Path of the Priestess Programme

THE QUEEN ~ Highness Training and Kingmaking.

How a Queen rules in her society, community and relationships.

THE WITCH ~ Shamanesse Training and Rebel making.

How the Witch expresses her sexuality, magic and radicalism.

THE GODDESS ~ Invocation and Mythic Training.

Your world of inspiration from the dimensions of the Goddesses.

THE PRIESTESS ~ The Spiritual Leadership Training. Final Initiation.

The world of Temple Building, Ecospirituality and Soul Purpose.

The #MeToo movement and #Times Up have shone an overdue massive spotlight on the global culture of suppressing women and our challenges to live peacefully and powerfully on earth in a ruling dominator culture thousands of years old.

This Tree of Love Mystery School programme is powerfully directed and focussed on your strengths and connectedness to the Mother Sophia archetype which takes many forms. The Tree of Love is our entry into the Mystery of  Womanhood, that only women can comprehend.

There is no need for empowerment, but there is a need for more confidence to freely express our powers.  In groups, women work best. We are wise, disciplined, compassionate, strong, inspired, passionate, truthful, procreators and builders. The Tree of Life was an original feminine teaching. I have returned it to the Tree of Love as was intended to share and experience these extraordinary values and to Gather Great Women into a fold so we can provoke and inspire each other to dominate adversity and reconnect with our eco spiritual roots as we invoke the great mother in all of us.


Tree of Love


I am strongly connected to the Sophian and Magdalene lineage both by spiritual recognition and my Merovingian bloodlines, which connect my heritage back to the Frankish Empire. My soul purpose is facilitating the reawakening of the once powerful spiritual union between humanity and the planetary consciousness called Sophia.

Honouring Earth as our Spiritual home is my core value. Sophia is the an archetypal name of the being who created the earth. The Nag Hammadi scrolls discovered in the Egyptian desert in 1945 by a young shepherd, reveal ancient texts with stories which were unknown about the role of the Sacred Feminine in our history. “Herstory” , the lost Gnostic story of Sophia has been found.

“The ancient Hebrew name for Wisdom is Khokhmah, a feminine noun. In Jewish scripture, it was Khokhmah who personified the female Divine. She is understood as an emanation of God, yet she resonates with the Hebrew Goddess known as Asherah in the Bible, as "she of the sacred Tree."  Proverbs 3:18 calls up an image of Khokhmah that originates in the oldest core of Jewish culture: “She is a Tree of Life to all who lay hold of her.” quoted from.. Long.

The Tree of Life is natures’ analogy for human development. The roots are our family, the trunk is our emerging self into the world, the branches create our territory, the leaves are our language and the fruits and flowers sow seeds for our future. The Tree of Life is also a world known teaching, originally steeped in natures laws and governance. Its form is a sacred geometry of spheres connected by 22 paths.

The Tree of Knowledge took us a step further by offering self consciousness to humanity. Its fruit was eaten by Eve in the Garden of Eden. She was scorned for doing so, and the learning of great wisdom from nature was replaced by patriarchal human autonomy in the way we developed the world.

The Tree Of Love. Somewhere love was lost. The Tree of Love is the missing link. Our future now relies on finding that sacred bond between humanity and nature. The Tree of Love is a blossoming in yourself, remembering the natural soul language of Sophia. Ten simple steps teach you a way to sanctify your bond every day. Plant a Tree of Love labyrinth in your garden and have a sacred place to connect with Sophia.

Eco-Spirituality is the natural way forward through the melee of chaos experienced in the heart and soul of humanity and the very rhythms of nature herself. Nature is the healing field when we surrender our human-ness and open the gateways of perception to listen and engage in conversation with the great wisdom which lives in the ethers of our planet. A being who gives and receives love. This is the new Tree of Love. Plant a Tree of Love in your garden.

My Eco Spiritual meditation retreats attracts dedicated people who feel strongly that spirit in nature and spirit in self are integral. We immerse ourselves in nature at Karralla, my residence and sacred part of the world.  Understanding the power of the four elements and spiralling labyrinth walks reconnects you to the sacred geometry forces all around us. The ten sphere qualities of natural living on the Tree of Love are a meditation in themselves. “Step into the real world.” Redefining the ancient mysteries into a coherent and manageable daily practice is the skill you will learn.


Excerpt by Lila Tresemer from

“People feel disconnected from a direct knowing of where they come from – beyond the town of one’s birth, what is the origin of the human body and of self-awareness? The disconnect has occurred because of the intentional destruction of sacred earth-based traditions by exploitative materialism and militarism. The lineage that was buried and forgotten can be remembered. The purposeful bond between humanity and the earth can and needs to be restored. The remembrance of the Divine Feminine complements the Divine Masculine. This communion is necessary for Sacred Union, Wholeness and Healing.”
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