• Weave destiny into everyday life.
  • Embrace the sacred uniqueness of everything. 
  • Know now is the time to transcend the old worlds.
  • Co-create a peace that passeth understanding and innerstand the new story.


Kerryn Sedgman

what you seek is seeking you - Rumi

Kerryn Sedgman is an Eco Spiritual Enviromantic whose key philosophy is teaching the Art of Sacred Living by  re-opening the gateways of the senses to re-experience the healing and spiritual world of nature.

Like a child seeing magic everywhere.

New 2023 Programs. Face to face and online

Sacred Language and Sacred Time. TBA 








Kerryns' Elementary and Sacred Kinesiology techniques encompass inner wisdoms and traditions, integrating holistic health disciplines which use muscle monitoring to help the body speak its mind. The mind spirit body complex has its own sacred language and timing.

Public Speaking

Kerryn Sedgman speaks internationally on Kinesiology, Eco Spirituality, the Divine Feminine and Tree of Life Wisdoms. The last few years of the dramas have recreated a new focus and dimension on self responsibilty and insight and earthwide awakening.

These are her topics of inspiration now. Sacred Language and Sacred Time are keys to ascension.

Kerryn conducted a Sacred Language talk for Connnecting Consciousness on July 29th.


2023 Womens Spiritual Journey series.

Spring Equinox Retreat: The Queen The Witch The Warrior and The Priestess. Journey into the magicl realms of sacred feminine world shaping. Watch this space for dates and logistic changes.