Soul Purpose Astrology




The mapping of the seven paths shows you how you are connected to your Soul Star qualities.

The Seven paths reveal the spiritual psychology of:

1.The Inherited Karma or your name.

2.The Destiny Path of the day you were born.

3.Your Life Path.

4.Your Life Path's Evolution

5.Your Soul Purpose Path.

6.Your Soul Purpose Path Evolution.

7.Your Soul Purpose Path of Transformation.

Have a Soul Purpose Astrology session and join a workshop to learn to use this simple system every day.

Soul Purpose Astrology connects the dots on the Tree of Life and your individual pattern creates an Angelic Glyph.

This beautiful work weaves the Tree of Life and Love into your lives.

Discover who is in your Soul Star Group and create soul star maps to discover how you connect to your relationships and community.

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I have researched and developed a unique Tree of Life Astrology system. There are nine new astrology soul star signs which connect to your soul quality, based on your date of birth. Each Soul star sign is represented in one of the spheres on the Tree of Life and Love geometry.

Within each Soul Star sphere are four zodiac signs representing water, fire earth air and water. eg. Scorpio Leo Taurus and Aquarius.  Depending on which ten days you're born determines which Soul Star Sign you are.

These other zodiac signs are what I call your Soul Star rock group.

(so to speak)

Each Soul Star Sign has a special quality. You each pursue the same spiritual quality inherent to your soul's calling however each zodiac sign works with their mission differently.  You can find your own soul star sign by checking the spheres on the diagram below and look for your birthday.

The Nine Soul signs or Soul groups are :

The Wisdom Keepers, The Lawmakers, The Guardians, The Hero, The Rulers, The Romantics, The Philosophers, The Shamans and the Manifesters.

Tree of Life Astrology for the Soul came into being in 2000.  It is an original and inspired work and has proven its magic with hundreds of participants in my classes the world over. This astrology brings your planetary chart to life. The Tree of Life traditional spiritual teachings includes hebrew alphabet, planetary influences, a range of correspondences including angelic archetypes, spiritual teachers, lessons to learn and qualities unique to each of the ten spheres to give us a key to the workings of universal law.

Its' teachings of universal origins and the evolution of life on earth, are seeds of modern physics in many of its spiritual truths. The basis of this work lies in the Tree of Life and its philosophy called the Sepher Yetzirah.

Gregg Braden quotes:" Attributing tremendous power to the forces of the Hebrew Alphabet, the Sepher Yetzirah states that it is from the letters themselves that God depicted all that was formed and all that would be formed." The hebrew letters are paramount in attracting energy into our lives and this unique soul star astrology teaches you how to simply work with them. The written name and sounding of the namce is itself an  invocation of energy. More later.

Our soul star purpose and the patterns of our existence lies at the core of the ancient secrets of the mystical Tree of Life. The Tree of Life demonstrates how the laws of spirit are aligned with energy and light. There are nine simples qualities which spring from Source, connected to each other by a series of 22 paths which form a sacred geometry many of us are familiar with.


Your Soul Star Sign is the director of your greatest show on earth.

In the ancient original astrology, each zodiac sign had three sections or decans of ten days each. Each decan are different qualites of the same zodiac sign. Thus each decan is a different Soul Star Sign.



The hebrew lettering system is also a numbering system. Each letter has numerical value. There are 22 paths on the TOL and there are 22 hebrew letters which govern the paths. Each letter has great spiritual meaning. The ancient traditions honored sound as a prayer and all names have a vibrational meaning. Your name is translated into hebrew. Your name has meaning and speaks to the universe. Change your name, change your vibration. The addition of your hebrew name, plus your date of birth and time of birth is resolved to under 22.

This resolved number is the one of the 22 paths on the Tree of Life. The path has a Tarot Trump Archetype and a Hebrew letter to guide your journey. The path is bewteen two spheres. You leave the origin sphere to journey to the destination sphere. The path provides depth and power for the journey.

This is a path you build and physically walk to invoke your innate and unique soul power. No one else on the planet can have the same chart as you. You become a Soul Traveller through your life.


Create Soul patterns for family members. See which soul signs your family are and see if the paths are connected. Information is below. Plot your family's soul signs on the Tree of Life and see how you connect as a soul group. Great understanding becomes obvious when we see the need to reach out to one another if the paths do not connect..


Learning how to create a Tree of Life Astrology Soul Map has many applications: Personal Soul chart, Relationship charts, Community Charts, Family Charts, Special occasions.

A simple and brilliant way to bring your astrology to life. Learn about the Tree of Life and its magic, its planetary meanings, sacred prayer modes, how to build your own pathwalk, and creating altars to your soul purpose and lifes projects. As a Kinesiologist I use this psychology all the time and am still amazed at its accuracy and simplicity. People really recognise themselves at a deeper level and recognise their innate and unique abilities. Now they know how to fully live their potential as a daily experience.






The spheres are numbered from one to ten, from Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod to Malkuth, from spiritual inspiration to physical manifestation. Each of the spheres represents a teaching or learning. In the traditional teachings of Kabbalah or Qabalah, we move through phases of each of the ten sephiroth spheres and strive to harness an understanding of each of the teachings to apply in our lives. From the Tree of Life Astrology for the Soul viewpoint, according to our birth we have a greater affinity to one of these Spheres which represents this part of the universe as ourselves in life.

As previously stated, the Tree of Life is a geometric map of life on earth with 22 pathways connecting the major ten soul temples or spheres which are called Sephiroth or Sephira which is plural. Life is experienced as a spiritual adventure through a personal labyrinth or maze and our Tree of Life Astrology gives us specific directions from top to bottom as our journey descends from etheric patterns into physical patterns on earth.

In the Tree of Life Astrology, every ten days the Soul Sign changes and a new sphere of influence or Sephiroth comes into play. Each zodiac sign is divided into three sets of ten days and each ten days has a different Soul energy. These ten day cycles are called “decans.” Each sphere has four astrology signs representing the four elements within it, designated by each set of ten days in that sign. So, actually within each sphere we have a Soul Sign and a soul group. For example in the second sphere, the four signs are the first ten days of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. The second ten days go to sphere three and the third decan fits into the fourth sphere and so on for the next sun signs. These soul signs in different sun signs usually have an affinity.

Each Soul Sign or Group has an attractor and an opposite. We attract people and experiences into our lives based on these principles and we can determine how our own relationship to life is mirrored in the choices we make. The Ten Soul Groups have specific attractors and non-attractors or opposites, and by learning how to create a Tree of Life Astrology chart, we can discover new astrological relationships as they are charted onto the Tree of Life geometry.


Simply by mapping the Soul Sign, you can observe what paths connect with others or if they don’t. Your individual map creates seven paths between the particular spheres which is a simple calculation process. In your own map some spheres may not connect to the paths which in itself tells a story.
You can also simply look at the following Tree of Life map to see how families and friends connect, and understand how the dynamic unfolds and where some paths meet between soul groups and Soul Signs or sit apart from the rest of the Soul Signs.

In general astrology, there are twelve star signs which correspond to the twelve fixed star constellations called Leo, Scorpio, Cancer and the rest of the signs, plus the ten planets which travel through these star signs at different speeds, some as slow as 28 years and some as fast as two days. Traditional astrology charts show which planets were moving through these constellations when we were born. The planets’ quality and the constellation quality therefore unite, creating a new relationship which provides some insights into our nature.
Tree of Life astrology connects the relationship between the sun sign and planet and the quality of the Tree of Life sphere. The planets are attributed to each one of the spheres with a range of correspondences aligning to the energy or quality of the sphere and its ruling planet.


In the Tree of Life look for your birthday in one of the spheres to find out your soul sign. Discover your families signs and partners and see if your spheres are connected by the paths. This creates a type of geometry or pattern, or map as I call it for your life on earth. You can see the planet, gods, angels, oils and sacred metals. These all have a pattern or frequency that connects to the ruling planet and quality of the sphere.

Introduction of Sacred Tarot

The Tree of Life has many teachings and philosophies. In this work I include the lessons or life teachings which the 22 Paths represent. I borrow from the Gnostic or Western Mystery Tradition which aligns each of these Tree of Life paths with a Tarot Archetype known as the Tarot Trump cards. In my work I use the Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck. The symbolism and meanings are more aligned with Western Mystery School tradition and the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. The emergence of the Tree of Life geometry or glyph, only occurred in the 11th century, however the teachings reach back many thousands of years. Within the characters, particularly from the Thoth deck, are hieroglyphics found in ancient Egypt which show remarkable similarities to the 11th century cards and subsequent archetypal representations.

Tarot means Royal Road and the word tarot also sound familiar to Torah, the teachings of Moses. In many sacred texts and modern research about the tarot, it has been put forward that a sublime physics exists behind each card. To paraphrase a section of text from chapter ten of the book “Meditations on the Tarot”, the author believes the Tarot was “remembered” and the re-incarnated from the ancient egypto - atlantean mystery school tradition, brought forward by evolved souls who wanted it be once again revealed to general humanity. Another theory behind the longevity of the Tarot cards, was the need to disguise these ancient wisdoms as playing cards and fortune telling cards, to disguise their importance and keep the secrets of the universe safe from the Spanish Inquisition.

Tree of Life Astrology calculates an earth astrology map as opposed to a chart, creating a unique set of seven paths connecting particular spheres on the tree of life forming a geometrical pattern. The 22 trumps are the guides of these paths for our journey.





Sphere of PLUTO. How to be present in the moment. The first manifestation is, the point, the Creator. Kether is the sacred feminine font of creation, the focus of light and power. Astrology does not find a home for anyone in Kether. It is our non denominational inspiration from the Universe.

Sphere of URANUS CORE VALUE - is the organiser for the good of all. PURE ENERGY, SPIRITUAL FORCE: WISE ONES ARE BORN WITH EXPERIENCE...An inspirational soul who brings out the best in others. An active energy of powerful spiritual force and wisdom. They can be personally disorganized as their lives are dedicated more to others and the whole and sees past your mistakes for the bigger picture. Their advice is not usually sugar coated. Aries Key: Territory Cancer Key: Compassion Libra Key: Clarity Capricorn Key: Drive

Sphere of SATURN. CORE VALUE - values discipline and Consequences. WHERE RIGHT AND WRONG START TO MATTER. Binah represents the left brain and the minds ability to use logic and reasoning powers for discrimination. A practical person who asks how not why and sets up the rules for the game. A powerful director, with a desire to realise the potential in any situation, solving problems along the way. Saturn offers right timing and discipline and clear boundaries. Obstructions to Lawmaker energy flow can be stubborness and the need to be right. Aries Key: Keep your word. Cancer Key: Clear Boundaries Libra Key: Justice Capricorn Key: Ambition

Sphere of Jupiter. creates abundanceon all levels, generous and merciful. CONSOLIDATOR OF PLANS AND KIND AUTHORITY. The Guardian is the one who loves love and to serve. They have the power to unlock love in life, but have problems expressing their feelings. They are ruled by generosity and feeling, giving all they can yet cannot receive easily. They feel intensely and are sensitive to environment. Jupiter gives the energy and power to provide and enjoy life. Can love too much of a good thing, or become victim to others’ needs. Aries Key: Inventiveness Cancer Key: Luxury Libra Key: More is better Capricorn Key: Success

Sphere of Mars is the straight arrow of law and judgement. Goal oriented. THE HERO, STRENGTH, JUSTICE, PHYSICAL POWER. Right use of Will and Power, self defense, confrontation, forcing of issues, determination, devotion to duty, obedience to higher authority loyalty and self-control. The Heroes draw on their inner strength.They focus on a goal and through determination achieve them over time. Single minded, self contained and steady pursuit, and practice until perfect. Mars supports Hero Warriors with mental strength and the physical power of endurance. They often seem conflicted.Aquarius Key: Pragmatism Taurus Key: Steadfastness Leo Key: Endurance Scorpio Key: Fearlessness

Sphere of the Sun who loves inspiring others & being centre of the Universe. HARMONY, BEAUTY, PERFECTION, UNITY, CREATION. Development of beauty, harmony, & balance is central value; self centered consciousness. Often the social centre and organiser bringing balance to difficult situations. Can see all sides. The Inspirationist is happy in their own company. They can mediate for others and inspire them to do their best. Seeing the beauty in life when confronted with adversity is the soul power here. Truth is a core value. Exhaust themselves trying to please everyone.
Aquarius Key: The Idealist Taurus Key: Provider Leo Key: The Performer Scorpio Key: The Psychic.

Sphere of Venus is passionate about people and uses art to express love.THE LOVER, VENUS, ART, CREATIVITY INSPIRATION & EROTIC SPIRITUALITY. Explores the realm of arts and creativity. Passionate, joyful communicators and focused listeners. They delve into the mysteries of loving relationships, whilst developing artistic and creative talents. The have great natural beauty, charm and style. Sophisticated and sensual, they go deep into themselves to understand the meaning of love. Open and honest and see the good in everyone.
Aquarius Key:Eccentricity Taurus Key: Sensuality Leo Key: Royalty Scorpio Key : Sexuality

Sphere of Mercury has social conscience loves teaching, a student of life. THE INTELLECT, COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNION Mind or Psyche. Politics, clear thinking and planning. Developing the mind, education, language ability, teaching, writing, math, organization, information technology. The philosopher externalises the intelligence and balances passion through empathic understanding. They do not judge and accepts all as being equal in the eyes of God. They have a natural empathy for all living creatures, yet have a practical approach to life. They make sure ethics and integrity are in place when striving. Witty, sharp and great listeners. Can seem unfeeling and excessively objective.Pisces Key: Intellect Gemini Key: Brilliance Virgo Key: Practicality Sagittarius Key: Honesty

Sphere of the Moon. Loves the mysteries & realms of the dreams. VISION & DEEP MEMORY, THE CYCLES IN & AROUND US, ILLUSION VERSUS DREAMING. The messenger of the subconscious. They are creators of fairy stories. Discovering the mysteries and magic of the astral levels, they are weavers of dreams. The Shamans sense the underlying clockwork in the universe, connecting easily with other magical dimensions. They are elegant storytellers and have an innate sense of beauty and sophistication. They can confuse feeling with reality, and don’t let the truth get in the way of a good tale.Pisces Key: Pleasure Gemini Key: Magic Virgo Key: Perfection Sagittarius Key: Freedom

Sphere of the Earth. Manifesting the Dream. PHYSICAL REALITY, JOY, PAIN, HEALING. Discovering the mystery of the physical world, learning discrimination, patience, physical healing and vitality, overcoming sloth, taking care of the body. They integrate all the nine qualities into one to manifest the best life on offer. Connection to the earth and its seasons and the five senses are the strengths of the Builder. Great dependability, reliability with the mental resolve to achieve tasks for the purpose of increased life quality.
Pisces Key: Physicality Gemini Key: Action Virgo Key: Planning Sagittarius Key: Adventure


We live in a holographic world and universe and naturally contain all qualities within us