Ten Philosophies for Success process

“Sometimes light enters us through our wounds.” Rumi

Sacred Kinesiology muscle testing feedback allows the body to speak its mind. Sacred Counselling accesses an in depth perspective of issues with the ten tree of life philosophies.

My process leads you beyond the initial stressors so you can know more about yourself and sometimes illness or distress is an invitation to find a new doorway into a greater life.

We are complex physical beings and many symptoms are often preceded by mental and emotional issues. Feeling blocked is a common outcome of overwhelm.

Blood Types, Glandular Health and Amino Acids for brain balancing are keys nutritional applications. Redirecting your health issues, allergies, learning problems or pain combines with an education program that puts you back in charge of your life. You have the tools specific to who you are. One size never fits all.

Positive manifestation sessions are also a key to your evolution. Sometimes you just need to uncover forgotten wisdoms to gain the momentum you need. In this way I am your collaborator rather than healer. We weave a tapestry for your future destiny together.



My studies into the Tree of Life have lead me to recreate this beautiful philosophy honoring its original source as a sacred feminine teaching.

.... a simple and effective practice aligned  to past traditional spiritual teachings. These are the  11 core qualities on the Tree on the Love.

These amazing and simple qualities are fundamental to personal and professional success. They are based on the ten simple laws of the universe. Making magic is the combination of all qualities.

Physical and emotional stressors can be ways to find a secret keythat open doorways to delve deeper within. We discover how to clear your path to manifest a dream, a goal or a major achievement masking as a challenge. I guide you to clear the path and find the bravery to expressing your uniqueness and so you can weave your destiny into everyday life.

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